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This space, which was created in the bare bones Hess Tower Corporate Cafeteria, was built to host all of the movers and shakers who essentially made the super bowl experience happen in Houston. The three day event span the entire 3rd floor of the massive Hess Tower downtown overlooking discovery green. Each day welcomed the 1200 guests that were lucky enough to make it onto the guest list.

This space was designed specifically for the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee.


The design of the space was broken up into three distinct areas.

The Social Lounge

The Zen Lounge The Stage / Dining Space


The social lounge hosted red and grey carpeting with mid-century modern furnishings. The boundaries of the space featured custom towering city skyscapes with LED back-lighting. At any point in the room, it felt like you were looking into downtown. Two main bars anchored the space. Florals in all red.


The zen lounge hosted grey carpeting with resto-inspired outdoor furnishings. Custom branded walls with Houston lettering and outdoor style gazebos added more of the outdoor – inside feeling. This space hosted DJ’s that changed throughout the day, and sexy jazz style singer. Whimsical style laser cut trees and boxwood foliage’s created boundaries in the space, and added focal emphasis. Floral included all green flowers with a more garden feeling, and potted phalo orchids.


The stage / dining space hosted a custom branded stage for all presentation and demonstrations. Live cameras allowed for piping in the entertainment across the space. Dining tables spanned the space and hosted all red textured florals. The entire side of the space hosted floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the entire Super Bowl Live Experience and the NFL Experience.

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